Below is a very interesting memorandum that was received last week from WHISTLEBLOWER at WIKIPENN.

The Republican party in PA is in trouble with this sort of thinking. Endorsing candidates prior to a primary, and now it is exposed for not allowing counties to support in anyway ANYONE that doesn’t have the blessings from those that sit on high ? Really. I guess we’re just too stupid as voters to select who we want as our candidates. And if a candidate hasn’t kissed the ring of the PA-GOP  elite, they can’t even participate equitably in the process ? I thought we were a representative republic ? This harkens on the lines of Monarchial Dictatorship does it not ? Who heads the GOP anyway ? Tony Soprano ? I for one have been a disenfranchised republican voter since last February’s G.O.P. pre-primary endorsement of Tom Corbett. This is just the icing on the cake.

Ed: The author of the below memo was contacted repeatedly to verify its content. There was no reply to our repeated requests.


TO: County Chairs

FROM: Republican Party of Pennsylvania

RE: County Party Cooperation for Endorsed Candidates

As you know, during the February 2011 Winter Meeting, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania’s (PA GOP) membership chose the option to move forward with an endorsement process of this year’s statewide judicial candidates by way of an open roll call vote.

State Party members spent weeks talking with candidates, attending meetings, talking to local Republicans and had the opportunity to see all of the candidates in an open forum in Harrisburg prior to making the decision to endorse candidates.

After this process, Superior Court Candidate Vic Stabile and Commonwealth Court Candidate Anne Covey were endorsed by the committee membership.  Vic and Anne are veterans of Republican campaigns and are ready for the important issues they will face as judges.  By virtue of the endorsement, these candidates will receive the full support of the PA GOP in the Primary Election.

As a partner in this process, the State Party counts on our county committees to assist our endorsed ticket in every way possible.  Currently, our ticket is focused on vigorously campaigning across the Commonwealth and will be visiting your county soon.  As they travel on the campaign trail, our endorsed candidates should receive concessions in regards to official Republican Party events such as county dinners, local party dinners, candidate forums, etc.

As members of the PA GOP and leaders in of county party, we request that you strictly enforce the following longstanding traditions.

1. Only candidates endorsed by the PA GOP should be recognized and/or allowed to speak at official events such as county dinners, endorsement meetings, candidate forums, etc.  Endorsed candidates and staff should be able to attend gatherings as complimentary guests.

2. All candidates for statewide office that attend a Republican Party function in your county should be given time to speak – if only for a brief period of time.

3. County Chairs, party staff & county party members should only be circulating petitions for statewide candidates who have been endorsed by the PA GOP.

4. County Chairs, county party staff and county party members should only be distributing materials for candidates that have

been endorsed by the PA GOP.

5. County Chairs should decline any promotion materials from non-endorsed candidates.

These longstanding traditions help our candidates to direct the precious resources they have toward getting out their message and winning in the fall.

It should be known that the PA GOP has not discouraged any candidate from continuing their campaign for open seats in 2011.  However, after the exhaustive process and out of respect for the time and effort that our elected membership has put in to this process as representatives of their counties, we are counting on your support and your county committee to support Vic Stabile

and Anne Covey in this important Primary.

On behalf of our endorsed candidates and the PA GOP membership, we thank you for your continued cooperation and partnership as we all work to ensure 2011 is a successful election year.

Bob Bozzuto

Deputy Executive Director – Republican Party of Pennsylvania

112 State Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101

In another e-mail also received from WHISTLEBLOWER at WIKIPENN:

We recently received notification that you are providing assistance to an unendorsed statewide candidate. The Voter Vault database is a privilege granted by the PA GOP to volunteers who actively work to support PA GOP candidates.  Unfortunately, your efforts on behalf of an unendorsed candidate are inconsistent with the Voter Vault Agreement you acknowledge when utilizing the system which states

“You agree that you are an authorized Voter Vault user and are utilizing this information for political purposes under a program authorized by the RNC and your State Republican Party.”

As a result, your access to Voter Vault has been suspended.

Reminds me of a horse head in bed, no ? Granted, they broke the rules, but are these kinds of rules really necessary in the Republican party  ? So you think you have a say in who gets on the republican ballot in PA ? NOPE!. That’s up to an endorsing committee, not you … silly goose.

Many Thanx,
Tom Slovik
I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the
government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
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